Our Goal

In order for a family to survive and stay together they must have a place to live. Securing housing for clients is our number one priority.

We believe that a safe and stable place to call home is more than a matter of comfort and convenience; rather, a home is the bedrock upon which a healthy family grows. It is the cornerstone that lays the foundation for a safe, successful and self-sufficient life.

At the last national estimate, 80,000 families were homeless on any given night. The percentage of the homeless population is rising due to unemployment, declining wages and the shortage of affordable housing. Issues such as these are brought to bear on our clients.

  • Aid every client in finding cost effective, affordable housing that meet their financial situation
  • Assist in the removal of barriers to obtaining housing
  • To improve creditworthiness through effective credit repair
  • To clean and clear criminal history through expungement of criminal records
  • To increase the families capabilities by instruction in:
    • Parenting
    • Financial planning and budgeting
    • Health and nutrition
    • Counseling in life management